update 07/11/18



Welcome in Amsterdam!

Nice that you visit our website.  Do you visit Amsterdam or another location in the Netherlands?

Maybe we can help you  with information about our hobby in the Netherlands.  All you have to

do is, send an email with your questions.

The 'ASD' repeater location is close to Schiphol Airport (10 minutes by car or train). Volunteers

from the ASD team will be happy to receive you at the location to show you the repeaters and

the view over Amsterdam. Downstairs in the building is a restaurant where we can drink and talk. We can receive you daily. When you like to visit our location;


-we can pick you up by Schiphol Airport 

-take the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam (Lelylaan)                  Info:


Will you stay in Amsterdam for a few days? You can visit radioamateurclubs in and around Amsterdam! The Netherlands is a small country, various associations can be reached within 30 minutes by car or train.

Do you like to visit radio flea market? Every year in March you can visit with us the big Dutch

radio flea markets in the city Rosmalen.  On 3 november 2018 we have the day of the radio amateur in the city Apeldoorn. But there are many more activities that you can visit white us in

the Netherlands. When you stay in Amsterdam, join us!


If you want to see something special in the Netherlands; visit King's Day on March 27, 2018.


Before you leave your country you can contact radioamateurs from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England on the national repeater PI2NOS 430.1250 MHz (out) - echolink 430125.


When you need a taxi on Schiphol, take only the official taxi. Official taxi drivers do not walk

around at Schiphol Airport to ask if you need a taxi (these are scammers).